It is no secret that remote workers spend a lot of time in front of screens which means eye health is an increasing issue among remote workers today. However, there are many ways that can protect eye health while working! Read on to learn about a few options for eye health and blue-light protection in the workplace:

Use blue-light blocking glasses.

In a recent article in All Work, seventy-three percent of remote workers who have used some sort of blue-light glasses and sixty-seven percent said they felt less eye strain after using blue-light glasses. Blue-light glasses usage has increased heavily in the past few years with the pandemic and workers spending most of their working hours in front of a screen.

Put a blue-light blocking screen protector on your screens.

Natural blue light, which comes from the Sun, has many positive effects in relation to memory, mood, and even cognitive functioning. Taking walks midway through the work day can feel refreshing due to the natural blue light emitted from the Sun. However, when you are back to your desk, the blue light from your screens can lead to disturbance of your sleep cycle, create daytime drowsiness, and even trouble falling or staying asleep. If you want to read more about this topic click here.

Don’t sit too close to your screens.

According to this article by Autonomos, it is a good precaution to sit anywhere from twenty to forty inches away from screens. Being too close to the screen causes you to actually blink less, which leads to more exposure to blue-light and causing an influx of eye strain. 

Choose a workplace that prioritizes your wellness.

Having an office space that values your health may be the most important decision. coLAB provides a variety of workspaces, meeting rooms and offices spaces that offer the ability to find the spot that works best for you. You’ll be able to take meaningful breaks from your screens to give your eyes a rest whether that’s joining your coLAB members for breakfast or happy hour in the lounge, snoozing in the Zen Lab or taking a walk through Downtown Santa Rosa. Whatever it may be, coLAB is here to support you at work.

If you are curious and ready to look into options for a workspace that benefits you, coLAB offers free trial days, a virtual tour, and day passes.