Article by: Fast Company | Free eGuide Offered By: Wishingwell Coaching

Whether you’re in the job search process or feeling unfulfilled at your current job, all you need is the guidance to find meaningful work to take charge and turn your situation around.

Meaningful jobs are out there. They need you – your talent, your skill and your passion.

This free eGuide covers:

  • Why you should stop keeping your career options open and how to find focus
  • Why meaningful jobs are good for your career
  • 6 things to look for in your next job that will make you way happier

And most importantly, we’d like to add, sometimes it isn’t just the situation or the specific job itself that is making you unhappy. There are times that we are heavily influenced by the environment around us, not to mention, everything that has come from living through a pandemic.

One of our motto’s here at coLAB is to ‘Love Where You Work.’

Working from home may be somewhat of a ‘normal’ or accepted way to work these days, however, we do not believe that this is sustainable long-term. It is also much more difficult to maintain and muster the motivation and happiness you need. Changing how you work and where you work can improve your work situation dramatically.

If you are curious and hoping to look into options for you or your employees to work outside of the home, even for a day or two a week, coLAB offers free trial days, a virtual tour, and day passes.

Arm yourself with the information to take charge of your career and find meaningful work.