We all feel it.  All of the change, the fear of the unknown, and for some, what we once knew has completely changed its shape.

You are not alone. 

We are all, in some way, desperately looking and grasping for just a glimpse of the reality, the routines, and the stability we once knew. 

We’ve had to adapt to a world that has changed, not just once, but every day. Each morning, we have had to add something new to the list, or significantly take things off. And not by choice. 

Change brings newness. And, new life can catch us off guard. Who could have planned for something like this?

No one. 

So, what do we do? We all are asking ourselves that question aren’t we? Whether it be in our free time, with finances, the next step in our business, or in our community – what can we do with what has been presented to us right now? The hand that we have been dealt. 

I want to suggest a few challenges for you today and for the upcoming months. I know, as if you don’t have enough challenges of your own today. Hear me out. 

The challenge is to accept where we are and to keep asking ourselves those questions. To honor the present and stay open to the answers that may come forward. Even when we want to shrink or fall back and stay on the couch. It is OK to acknowledge those moments. But we can do this, even in our PJ’s. 

I’ve heard once that when we are faced with great change, it is important to trust what could come budding forth. 

My challenge is to position ourselves in a way that will allow us to see and receive those potential buds. The opportunity. The good. The beauty in this unfamiliar place. It may surprise us.

When you are out for a walk around the neighborhood, stop and see the fertile ground you are standing on. Plant a new garden. Start a new routine. Or, don’t necessarily give up on the original one. 

Cook or bake your favorite meal. Read that dusty book on your shelf. Restore or build on a relationship that means a lot to you. 

When you are on your umpteenth zoom call, think of new ways to connect with your coworkers or employees that will catapult your work forward. Dream and envision your business differently and set action steps. When your children won’t leave you alone and keep jumping on the couch, take a second to learn something new about them. 
The opportunities are endless. And I know, I am aware that each person and situation is very unique. I do not, not acknowledge that. In these times, I can’t help but put my belief in something and I wanted to share that I believe the good is always there. The question is, am I looking for it? What is your “good?” What are the gifts in your present moments?

We cannot see the gift in what we resist.

Let’s see differently. This is the moment where we get to become the creator. We get to create something of this change.

The first step: accepting it.