There has been a lot of talk about coworking workspaces these days and we’ve set out on a mission this month to educate our community on what exactly it is and why we would encourage anyone to look more into it. Research has shown that employees are reporting higher productivity levels in coworking spaces as well as an overall sense of contentment and satisfaction with their work in comparison to those who work in traditional spaces.

We’ve gathered up research and summed up the 5 reasons why people thrive in coworking spaces.

1. The Environment

Our homes and coffee shops do not scream “get-work-done!” in the ways that professional workspaces do.

Some people can only get so much done in a coffee shop, cramped on a tiny table, relying on spotty WiFi, trying to have a meeting with a client next to the group of chatty college students. And currently, working from home is an entirely other fiasco. Waking up to move back onto our couches or the dining room table for 8 hours each day is wearing on us. It is affecting our mental health and productivity. There is a reason office buildings exist away and separate from our homes.

Coworking environments help to keep your work separate from the home, resulting in healthy work-life balance. Meeting rooms allow for quiet and professional meetings with clients and the open-layout of workspaces provide room and focus to complete daily tasks.

2. People see their work as meaningful

Unlike traditional office spaces, coworking spaces are full of a variety of individuals and businesses. Freelancers and small business owners tend to choose work they are genuinely passionate about and sharing this type of energy in a work environment can be very inspiring. Moreover, with the wide range of work, there is also very little direct competition, thus leaving people more room to bring their whole selves into what they are doing and love it while they do it.

When coworking amongst people who are doing vastly different tasks than you are, one’s work identity also has the potential to grow much stronger. Giving people the opportunity to meet and greet and share who they are and what they do can cause them to feel more interesting and distinctive and who doesn’t like to feel this way?

3. Being a part of a melting pot community

Working with your team of talented individuals in the same space is valuable, but can you imagine striking up a conversation with someone in the kitchen about an interesting project you have never heard of before? Research has shown that engaging in this kind of stimulation enhances productivity and increases the likelihood of adopting creativity into one’s own work.

The burnout from monotony, isolation, and lack of collaboration is also very real. Coworking provides the sense of community and connection that we all need. To some that may be scary or the least of their concerns, however, socializing is not mandatory or forced. Members are able to decide how often they would like to connect with people and how often they’d like to be left alone. Research has found that although “some people interact with fellow coworkers much less than others, they still felt a strong sense of identity with the community… This comes from coworkers knowing there is the potential for interactions when they desire or need them.”

4. Low overhead costs

Coworking takes very minimal thought, effort, and money into providing an efficient workspace for someone. In exchange for a monthly fee, that can vary depending on your need, most spaces are physically built to include everything you would find in a typical office space: desks, private offices, meeting rooms, phone booths, WiFi, a kitchenette, and most importantly, bottomless coffee and tea. Everything is taken care of, all you would need to do is, show up.

5. Coffee, happy hour, & fun

This is an added bonus of coworking. Just think of your employee holiday party…but even better. Or maybe you don’t have a team, Member events and activities such as happy hours, spontaneous boxes of free donuts and lunch and learns are all free and hosted by Community Managers and staff.
If you are interested in giving coworking a shot, come and check us out in Downtown Santa Rosa. coLAB is offering a FREE DAY PASS to anyone who needs a workspace. No commitments necessary. Enjoy a distraction-free, productive day out of the house!

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