Are you tired of the same old commute and hate being stuck in traffic? If you’re looking for a new alternative, it’s time to consider biking to the office. Bicycling to work isn’t just a mode of transportation; it’s a lifestyle choice that offers numerous benefits. Here are four reasons why you should ditch your car and start pedaling to the office:

Boost Mood

Biking to work incorporates exercise in your daily schedule. When sitting at your desk in the office for eight plus hours a day, it is incredibly important for your health and mental well being to exercise. Exercising at coLAB can be as simple as riding your bike to the office, joining a yoga class, or utilizing the fitness corner. Physical activity release endorphins, which leaves you feeling energized and ready to tackle the day’s challenges.

Environmental Benefits

By opting for a bike commute, you can significantly reduce your carbon footprint and contribute to a cleaner, happier planet. It’s a small change with a big impact. The U.S. Energy Information Administration estimates that in 2022, U.S. motor gasoline and diesel fuel consumption in the U.S. transportation sector resulted in the emission of about 1,476 MMmt of CO2. According to EPA, A typical passenger vehicle emits about 4.6 metric tons of CO2 per year. Every gallon of gasoline burned creates about 8,887 grams of CO2.

Cost Efficiency

Owning and maintaining a car can be a significant financial burden. From fuel and insurance to maintenance, the costs add up quickly. Biking to work daily can decrease wear and tear, mileage, and increase the lifespan of your vehicle. Investing in a high-quality bike is crucial. In order to motivate yourself to pedal to work, you will want to choose a solid and reliable bike to use. After all, the last thing anyone needs is to deal with a flat tire on their bike before an early morning meeting.


At coLAB, you’re not just commuting; you’re joining a community of individuals who may share your passion for sustainable living. coLAB offers a bike rack for members who choose to bike to work, which gives our members a secure place to store their bikes inside. Above all else, you can meet like-minded individuals, share experiences, and enjoy the social aspects of commuting via bike by coming into the offcie.