Public Speaking with Tony Navarra!

“you can improve your value by 50% just be learning communication skills – public speaking …” - Warren Buffet


If you need to communicate, sell or persuade;
If you work with colleagues, customers, investors or your loved ones;
If the thought of speaking in front of groups fills you with dread;
If you are afraid you will forget what to say

Then you will want to attend this 60-minute workshop on public speaking

Public speaking is a skill that can be learned and practiced. For this 60-minute session, we will spend some time on crafting your message – what do you want another person to know, feel or do. Then we will dive into practicing that message.

The goal of the workshop class is to make you more comfortable communicating your message.


Tony Navarra is a sales trainer who has been helping salespeople, sales managers and business owners meet their revenue goals for over 15 years.

He has an easy and collaborative style and teaches with a lot of humor.With his natural and flexible delivery style, Tony makes the important points and reinforces learning. He will share relevant examples and encourage you to “take action.”


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