Why Are You Really in Business?

Crucial information for bigger, better business outcomes
This interactive presentation provides a fresh perspective on how to craft a mission statement —
one that resonates truth and inspires action.

Clarifying why a business owner is doing what they are doing is crucial for them to feel solid in their
work. It is the first step to embodying, or giving a tangible form to, the complexity of what they

However, articulating that deep understanding of one’s mission can be challenging: It requires
distilling a mountain of information and experiences into a single sentence.

Engaging activities include a short writing exercise and a lively group brainstorming discussion that
invites participants to tap into their creative wisdom. A PowerPoint presentation anchors the

• A greater understanding about how clarifying one’s reason for being in business improves
business outcomes
• One or more brief mission statements to help business owners move forward with confidence
• Guidelines for diving deeper into working with mission statements


About the speaker

Roberta Ryan, CPCC, is a business coach who knows that when a business is aligned with the
owner’s values, there is a far greater chance for success.
She helps small-business owners who are passionate about their work maneuver the complexities of
business. With compassion, practicality, and decades of business experience, she empowers her
clients to confidently bring their wisdom and expertise to the world.
Roberta’s background includes over 40 years of richly varied business experience, including being
the owner of two successful businesses. She has a BA from Antioch West University and is a
Certified Co-Active Coach from Coaches Training Institute.