If you’ve ever felt the sweet relief of getting a sports massage or using a foam roller after a major workout, like a marathon, then you already know the power of “body rolling.”

The pressure of rolling a ball against your muscles allows a release of tightness, lengthening of muscles, and re-aligning of joints that may have been pulled out of place, allowing circulation again. 

The class serves as a self-fixing and sustainability tool with the power to align the body, prevent breakdowns, heal existing ones, and even improve bone quality. 


Wear It… to Class

Wear easy-moving, comfortable workout clothes(or even your work clothes), but no oversized T-shirts! “The ball will get all caught up in the T-shirt and not move”


About the Instructor: Jacque Benton

Jacque’s injuries from an athletic and active lifestyle led her to extensive training in various forms of bodywork and fitness programs. After opening a therapy center where she, along with 5 other therapists, offered a variety of wellness programs, she discovered Yamuna Body Rolling. Understanding that no one therapy is a fix-all, Jacque was deeply impressed with how effective and complementary Yamuna® is, providing a vital key in a wholistic approach to the body. Since 2004 Jacque has been teaching weekly classes, workshops and now Teacher Trainer programs at local health clubs and studios. Jacque loves teaching people to take care of their bodies. Having experienced personal transformative results, she is passionate about teaching Yamuna Body Rolling and helping her students achieve the same.



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