Recession-Proof Your Finances and Career
UP Talks Money Mastery Series - Recession-Proof Your Finances and Career

CoLAB Santa Rosa presents a four-part Money Mastery Series with Santa Rosa-based presenter Elizabeth Powell, Financial Wellness and Business Coach.

Join us at the first session of the UP Talks Money Mastery Series


Since 1930 the U.S economy has lived through 14 recessions. Only five lasted more than a year, and the average lasted eight months. Instead of worrying about when the next one will arrive, prepare yourself now to minimize potentially costly detours on your life journey. Join Elizabeth Powell for a group discussion and a checklist of action items curated for employees, freelancers, entrepreneurs, and business owners to optimize our financial and professional resilience today and well into the future.

Elizabeth Powell delivers her signature UP Talks (Uplifting and Provocative) to engage people in meaningful, thought-provoking discussions about the intersection of money, work, relationships, and community. Her professional services include private and group coaching and workshops on Financial Wellness and Sustainable Solopreneurship. To learn more visit

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