NHA Advisors is a specialty public finance consulting firm that focuses on helping local government (cities, school districts and counties) solve their financial challenges related to capital projects.  We help develop financing strategies, educate elected officials and support community outreach to prepare everyone for making the right decisions.  Our work often includes helping public agencies issue bonds to fund large projects like water and sewer treatment plants, city halls, libraries or schools.  We also spend a lot of time doing financial projections to assist our clients with managing the ever increasing expenses like payroll and pension costs.
NHA’s Santa Rosa office staff are the engine of the operation with Rob Schmidt, Christian Sprunger and Roy Kim taking care of business every day.  Craig Hill, on the road too often, tries to make a guest appearance at least once a week.  With an office closer to where Rob, Christian and Roy live, the company saves over 6 collective hours each day avoiding the drive down to the corporate office in San Rafael.  Everyone is enjoying the vibe of the CoLAB space and all the conveniences offered inside and downtown.

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