Whether you have a small business, work as a marketer, or simply looking for hacks on how to not let Facebook, Twitter and Instagram overwhelm you during the holiday season — this class will go over tips for everyone.

In this class you will learn how to:

- Setting limits on social media time.
- How to not comment on every post you disagree with (yes, I am talking about that one racist aunt you may have)
- Keeping self-care at the top of your holiday list.
- Tips for marketing your business on social media.

Shana Bull who you may recognize as a fellow coLAB member is a Marketing Educator and Digital Storyteller, working with wine, food, hospitality, & technology brands, marketing agencies and local businesses in the San Francisco Bay Area. In addition to teaching classes and creating strategies for businesses, she is also a freelance writer, writing stories on music, travel, food, wine, social media and mom life for several publications like Sonoma Magazine, North Bay Business Journal, SonomaCounty.com, and Wine Country Mom Blog. 
When Shana isn’t working, she enjoys rosé wine, craft beer and going on food adventures with her husband and redhead toddler (and of course chronicling her travels on Instagram at @sharayray). Learn more at ShanaBull.com.

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