What is Emotional Intelligence and WHY does it matter? ABOUT THIS LUNCH & LEARN:

Wherever we go and whatever we do our emotions are always readily available. Sometimes emotions can help us express our ideas with
passion and enthusiasm. Other times they can actually work against us hampering our ability to make sound decisions or cause us to react
impulsively. Whether at work or at home, being able to effectively manage our emotions is key to our happiness and well-being. The good news is, unlike IQ or personality type, Emotional Intelligence (EI) is a set of emotional and social skills that we can develop throughout our lives. The more we know about our emotions and what practices help us develop EI, the more we will increase our ability to manage ourselves and our emotions for personal and professional development and life satisfaction.

In this workshop we will:
● Explain what Emotional Intelligence is,
● How and Why EI matters
● What you can do to increase your EI


Jennifer Silverstein is the founder of BeWell Network, a coaching and consulting company helping organizations redefine their bottom line by investing in the development of their human capital. She is an accredited professional coach with the International Coach Federation and an Emotional Intelligence practitioner certified in the Multi-Health Systems EQ.i 2.0 and EQ.i 360 assessments.


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