Here at coLAB we have heard alot of funny home office ideas that try and circumnavigate the pains of working from home.  The latest of which is converting closets into offices and is actually trending on pinterest right now.  Well with the help of our friends at  [office nomad]() we are delighted to share with you 13 reason why you should NOT build that office closet and should consider taking advantage of your local coworking space instead.

Yep, we just got word that in search of heightened productivity and Pinterest-worthy remodel projects, folks are turning their closets into offices.

We say it all the time here at Office Nomads but we truly mean it: we don’t compete with other coworking spaces. 

Our biggest competition is your living room. Or your kitchen. Or your dining room. Or, apparently, your closet-turned-office. Your office closet.  


Now, we love a good creative use of space. And home improvements are delightful. But we think you could do so much better by putting your resources towards getting yourself out of your house and into a space that truly meets your needs.
So we wrote you a quick list to be sure you know we’re serious.

13 reasons why you should definitely NOT build that office closet: 


  1. Remember when they turned a broom closet into an office on The Office? It was done as punishment. It generated Ryan’s idea for “WHUPH.” This should not inspire you.
  2. It is a near-guarantee that no matter how you build it, you’ll be staring straight at a wall.
  3. You won’t meet anyone new by staying at home in your closet. Because you’ll be staying at home. In your CLOSET.
To read the full article and 10 other reasons why from our friends at office nomads please follow this link

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